Splits or splits – Key to successful bill splitting

By axio

Friends are invaluable. They're our support system, partners in crimes, unpaid therapists, and those we turn to for joy and sorrow. But when it comes to splitting expenses, even the strongest bonds can face challenges. Yet, it's crucial to remember that these small financial matters should never be the reason behind the fracture of cherished friendships. After all, what's a little bill-splitting drama compared to the joy of shared experiences and lasting camaraderie?

Picture this: You're out with your buddies, relishing a delightful dinner at the hottest spot in town. Laughter fills the air as you swap stories and savour each bite. Ah, the joy of good company and great food! But then, the bill arrives, and suddenly, a wave of awkwardness crashes over the table.

Somebody pulls out the card and clears the tab, and the next best response is that everybody splits equally and settles their part, right?

Well, only sometimes. If only splitting was that easy and less awkward. But fear not because splitting apps exist to save the day! After all, why let a little bill-splitting drama ruin a perfect friendship?

Let's dive into some scenarios where we often see the face of bill-splitting apps. 

The Great Dinner Dilemma

You and your squad decide to try a trendy new eatery. After indulging in a feast fit for royalty, the bill lands on the table, sparking a flurry of calculations. But why stress? With tools like the Splits feature on the axio app, fairness is guaranteed. Forget the "split by 6" chaos—opt for the axio Ratio Split, ensuring everyone pays their fair share based on what they owe. Easy, super simple, and just like that, the fondest memories are the table jokes, not the worry of who pays what.

The Great Road Trip

Road trips with friends are epic adventures, whether your Goa trip or your squad going international. Pulling that plan out of the WhatsApp group to reality is in itself an uphill task, quite literally.

 Then, the project itinerary begins, and almost everyone is busy sorting things out to ensure the trip is fun and memorable.

All the trip expenses paid by various individuals enter the Splits chats, and everyone can track expenses in real time, ensuring everyone's contributions are accurately recorded. Now, that's what we call smooth sailing!

Grocery Shopping with Roomies

Strolling through the grocery store with your flatmates is always an adventure. It's filled with laughter, inside jokes, and maybe a bit of chaos—like a scene straight out of your favourite sitcom.

As you wander down the aisles, one of the flatmates insists on buying organic everything, from fruits and vegetables to pasta and snacks. 

Then there's the gym enthusiast, who loads up on protein bars, chicken breasts, and a suspiciously large number of eggs.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed Michelin star chef adds exotic spices and gourmet ingredients for his next culinary experiment. 

As you approach the checkout, there is an air of chaos over who should pay for what. 

Amidst the confusion, there is an absolute need to find a fair solution that doesn't leave anyone feeling shortchanged: a way to track individual purchases and split the bill accordingly. 

But wait,  It's the axio app to the rescue! With its Split feature, each flatmate can pay for their items based on their contributions, making grocery shopping fair and drama-free—no more arguments over who owes what or awkward conversations about money. 

Party Mode

 You're planning a house party for your best friend's birthday. The decorations are up, the cake is ordered, and the drinks are chilling. Well, by the preparations, you very well know this is gonna be "THE NIGHT", the night everybody will talk about for months to come, the unforgettable, most fun kinda night. The energy is electric as you and your friends gather to transform your living room into a party central. Balloons are bouncing, and the speakers are blasting with Abhi tho party shuru huye songs!

But amidst all the chaos and laughter, one thing has been looming over your head: how to make the party talk of the town. To split the expenses, you've got a secret weapon up your sleeve: axio's Splits feature. With just a few taps on your phone, you can easily divvy the costs and ensure everyone pays their fair share. No more arguing over who owes what or chasing friends for cash—everything is sorted in a matter of minutes. 

In conclusion, while splitting expenses with friends can be tricky, it should never be the reason for friendships to break. With open communication and splitting apps like axio, you can easily navigate bill-splitting dilemmas. After all, true friendships are built on understanding, trust and just plain good times. 

So, next time you're out with your buddies, remember: split bills, not friendships! Let's keep the good times rolling!

Disclaimer: Android users must activate PFM (Personal Finance Management) to access splits.